Dear Visitor,

We are glad to see you today and thank you for choosing to worship with the NBCF Family. It is our desire that every visitor feels welcome, included and loved as we all come together to give God honor and praise.Our goal is that every time you come to NBCF you will be encouraged and will receive practical insight on how to apply the Bible to your everyday life. The word of God provides a roadmap to living life at its fullest and we pray that something is said or done today that continues to encourage you in your walk with God.

Being at a new church provides the opportunity for establishing relationships and friendships. And that is what NBCF is all about - Relationships with God and with people. Through practical and positive messages from the Bible, we hope that you will begin to know and understand God better than you ever have. NBCF is a place to start all over again whether it is getting to know God for the first time or furthering your relationship with Him. We are simply here to assist and help you in growing your relationship with God. We would love to get to know you and our hope is that your first experience here will be just the beginning of a great relationship.

Rev. Roslyn Nieves
Rev. Donnie Nieves



Worship With Us

Sunday's at 9:00 am

6 Pidgeon Hill Dr., Suite 130, Sreling, VA 20165:

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