Usher Ministry

Ministry Overview

The New Beginnings Christian Fellowship Usher Ministry provides a personal interface between the ushers and the worshipers by having ushers assigned to specific sections in the service; to provide another "care group" through the usher organization; to establish commitment in our usher assignments; and to involve our ushers in a specific security role during the service.

Mission Statement

The primary purpose of the New Beginnings Christian Fellowship Usher Ministry is to serve and demonstrate God's commission to us, to prayerfully promote an atmosphere where all those entering the church will feel welcomed, and to meet the needs of the congregation during service and to keep distractions to a minimum.


The vision of the New Beginnings Christian Fellowship Usher Ministry is to collectively work as a team, creating a warm and welcome environment for members and visitors of New Beginnings Christian Fellowship Churchand by providing assistance to other ministries thereby supporting the overall mission and goals of the Usher Board.


The goals of the New Beginnings Christian Fellowship Usher Ministry is to:
  1. Expand the ministry by establishing an ongoing recruitment program to increase membership and participation.
  2. Implement a training program to increase and maintain every usher's performance level and knowledge of all service positions.
  3. Attend scheduled meetings and training sessions.
  4. Provide assistance to other ministries with Church functions.
  5. Travel with the Pastor and New Beginnings family.
  6. Each usher to work as a team player and strive to increase their individual level of commitment and dedication to the usher board.
  7. Strive to serve in a way that is pleasing to God and helpful to the Kingdom

Worship With Us

Sunday's at 9:00 am

6 Pidgeon Hill Dr., Suite 130, Sreling, VA 20165:

Dial-In (605) 472-5267
Access Code: 827008#